"Where body and spirit meet earth and sky"
As the owners and operators of the center, we bring to it the work that we love to do as we enjoy watching it develop a life of its own. Following is some information on each of us.

  • Lou is a licensed massage therapist who brings a calm, centered stance to the work that he does. In addition to the more traditional forms of massage, like Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone therapy and shiatsu, Lou is also developing a practice in orthopedic massage.


  • Maria is a social worker and special education teacher. Her professional work has focused on children, families, parenting, developmental disabilities, grief work, autism and adoption. She has a wide variety of interests. One of the other loves is the creation and enjoyment of visual art. Because of this she also holds certification as an art teacher.

At Barber Hill Health and Wellness Center we offer our skills in the form of private sessions for art and drawing classes, counseling, massage and a variety of workshops on related topics.

Our mission is to offer the best of ourselves to everyone. We are grateful to be allowed to share the joy of what we love to do. Each person regardless of race, profession, age, religion, gender, etc., is respectfully welcome. We look forward to serving you in the way that will be most useful for your personal growth. Please call or email us if you are interested in touring our center or in any of our services!

May all who enter our center receive the blessing of peace, joy and self respect in such a way that the ripples that are created allow the serenity to flow into the global community. 

We give you peace.

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